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5 Reasons Need Bathroom Remodeling

5 Reasons Need Bathroom Remodeling - Bathroom status is now no longer just "small room" or "back" that makes a lot of families willing to spend extra money to remodeling. The bathroom is one of the most indispensable indoor spaces because it may not lie behind the house and become an "indicator" to measure how dirty or how clean the owner of the house is. Activities there that intersect with wet business also makes it necessary to care carefully.
5 Reasons Need Bathroom Remodeling
Therefore, the bathroom could have been changing faces many times while the room or other parts of the house still survive as when the house was first built. Then, what other reasons make people feel or need to beautify this area?

Past memories are often the inspiration or consideration of people to design or renovate the bathrooms they have. People are willing to spend tens of millions just to pursue the "past". The emotional element speaks, even just for the affairs of a bathroom.

In addition to emotional considerations, rational considerations are also an excuse. People may just want to bury their past and choose something more practical, more simple. Or more contemporary and more modern. Can also consideration because it relieves the masculine atmosphere or vice versa, feminine.

Here are five rational and emotional reasons why people feel the need to renovate the bathroom

1. Replacing elements that have already begun to malfunction or not work.
This is the rationale why people are renovating bathrooms. Decayed wooden frames, often doused, dull toiletries and damaged buoys, faded wall paint from damp air in the bathroom, a leaky water container, a slippery and dull or permeable bathroom floor, are some examples of why Then bathroom remodeling is seen as imperative and urgent.

2. Want to change model.
The bathroom is made in unison with the age of the house that has been decades. When new, the bathroom model may be ngetren and liked. But after years of years, it turned out that the bathroom model with a big bathtub for example, is out of date. Bathroom with hot water channels may be a necessity. Bathroom model with bathtub can be needed rather than tub or shower. It could be the opposite where people prefer a shower rather than a bathtub or tub for reasons of wanting to participate in water-saving movements.

3. Want to get a different atmosphere and look.
The dark bathroom with a 20x20 or even 10x10 tile wall is sure to impress the old bathroom. Especially when the motive or the color has also started to miss. Changing the bathroom wall from light to dark or vice versa, or changing the motif from flowers to plain, or replacing the bathroom with a wall of children's cartoons, will make the look and feel of the bathroom completely changed. New or different atmosphere can also be obtained from changes in accessories, lighting, and decorations in the bathroom.

4. Want to feel more relieved or even more succinct.
The size or area can have a long tail. Some feel the bathroom is too narrow so it should be expanded, although only one side of the wall shift a few inches. Others just feel that the bathroom is too spacious for the bedroom, so it looks futile. Indeed, the most comfortable bathroom is the "fit".

5. Want to add function.
Later, the bathroom is not just to clean the body or to get rid of it. Clean up the soul can also be done in the bathroom, for example by bathing while listening to music or reading. Here, the bathroom is then interpreted to be no longer merely a 'small room' or 'back room' Another function that can be incorporated with a bathroom is as a store room (with a walk-in closet system), or even a therapy room (eg, Installing rocks in the bathroom for foot reflexology).

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