Friday, June 23, 2017

7 Tricks to Make Bathroom More Beautiful

7 Tricks to Make Bathroom More Beautiful - Having a pretty and fun bathroom is actually not that hard. In fact, you do not need to do massive renovations. Just do the following tricks:
7 Tricks to Make Bathroom More Beautiful

Striking colors
Beautify your bathroom by giving striking colors as a punch line to herd anyone's eyes into it. Way, use a colorful towel. You can choose unique towel colors, such as a mustard or green Tosca mustard set.

If you do not find the color you want, you can make it yourself by way of dyeing a white towel using dye staining technique to make the color more evenly.

Change storage
To make your bathroom more attractive, change soap storage and beauty treatments in glass containers. Choose vintage glass containers to make your bathroom more unique and beautiful. You can also add labels to impress them like an antique pharmacy.

Take advantage of the wall
Rather than fill the bathroom, you'll want to take advantage of the bathroom wall as possible. Look for towel racks and hanging closets that do not fill your bathroom.

Present the plant
Show green plants in pots in your bathroom. No need too much but just one or two plants to make the bathroom look more "green".

Spread aromatherapy
Do not just make the bathroom look fun. Make also your bathroom has a durable fragrance. Way, drop aromatherapy oil into the tissue rolls. Thanks to this way, every time you take a tissue roll from the bathroom, you will inhale the fragrance.

Caring for channels
Do not let water inundate your bathroom. Clear the clogged channels immediately. You can make a mixture of one cup of baking soda, one cup of salt, and a quarter cup of tartar cream in a glass with a lid.

Next, stir until well mixed. After that, take about a quarter cup from the mixture and pour over the top of the channel. Then, pour also two cups of boiling water on the channel. Allow for one hour, water will flow afterwards.

Glass surface
Lastly, do not let the glass in your bathroom be covered with dew after the shower. Give shaving cream on the glass surface. After that, clean it with a cloth or tissue paper. As a result, after bathing you will not find dew on the glass surface.

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