Monday, June 26, 2017

Renovation of Lower Area Appliances to Bathroom Guest

Renovation of Lower Area Appliances to Bathroom Guest - Maximize the potential of space under the stairs, usually serves as a storage or guest bathroom. As a guest bathroom, the area under the stairs is more easily accessible so that guests do not have to go into the bathroom homeowners. If you are interested in changing the down stairs area into a guest bathroom, consider the following things:
Renovation of Lower Area Appliances to Bathroom Guest

  • Measure the height of the ceiling in the area under the ladder. To make a comfortable bathroom at least one should be able to stand upright in it. A comfortable height of about 2 meters. Because the stairs are not the same height, there is a lower ceiling part when compared to other parts. Take advantage of low sections as storage areas of bathroom equipment such as tissues or soap.
  • Create a floor level lower than the floor level outside of the bathroom. The goal, if there is water in the bathroom, the water will not go out and inundate other space. The general floor level reduction is about 5 centimeters.
  • Area under the staircase small size, for that note the air circulation. Try to have incoming air access from outside to inside. So the bathroom does not become damp and mushrooming. To save space, make it not a grid-sized vent to keep air in but small animals are stymied.
  • In the bathroom, lighting plays an important role. Make sure the artificial lighting in this bathroom. Better yet, if possible made natural light entrance, such as glass that is connected to the outdoors. Sunlight is good for blocking room humidity and the development of mold and germs.
  • Because it is located under the stairs, not all bathroom functions can be accommodated. Most importantly, for a guest bathroom is the presence of toilet and sink. This is because most guests only use the bathroom to dispose of water and wash hands.

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